On a Mission Magazine

In our 'On a Mission' Magazine, you can read real-life stories from people who have accessed the various social services The Mission is able to provide - thanks to our supporters.

These quarterly magazines are a great way for us to fill you in on the kind of work we’re doing and how together, we can continue helping people in Greater Wellington to transform their lives.

We hope that these stories go some way to show how, by making a regular donation to The Mission, those most in need are empowered to create sustainable futures for themselves and their loved ones. 

You can download the latest issues of On a Mission Magazine here: 

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Please also feel free to download historic magazines in the resources panel to the right. If you would like a copy of a historic magazine which is not available on our website, or you would like more information about On a Mission Magazine, please email our Communications Coordinator Kelly on Kelly@wgtncitymission.org.nz