Mission for Families

Early intervention for families through advocacy, education and guidance, and supporting families to better manage their own circumstances

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How The Mission helps families
People enrolled on Mission for Families tend to be young sole parents, with children aged from infants to teens. Circumstances vary hugely but many have poor living conditions, abusive or unreliable spousal relationships and little local family support. The programme provides early intervention and support for these families throughout the Greater Wellington region through household assistance, advocacy, guidance, social work, and parenting and life-skills programmes.  

Typically a family will come to us either through another agency or self referral. After assessing their circumstances, key problems and potential solutions, one of our social workers will begin working regularly with them – often in the client’s own home. 

What happens at Mission for Families
In the short-term we help families get by day-to-day – providing food parcels, general household items and furniture (especially for babies), and helping them find suitable accommodation as needed. We have developed strong working relationships with external agencies, and can advocate for our clients in situations they may find difficult, for example in working with government agencies and other organisations.

To achieve enduring change, Mission for Families equips clients by providing education through our internal initiatives such as ‘Triple P Parenting’ and ‘Fare Basics Cooking’ courses, and Mission for Independence’s Budgeting Advice service. We also collaborate with several external social agencies and networks. 

Looking forward
As families are empowered and become more confident, our support and contact with them slowly winds down. Although they may still have further work to do, the knowledge and resources clients gain through their journey with us gives them the strength and opportunity they need to achieve a life they couldn’t have imagined before.

During 2014-15
• 168 families were supported by our social workers

• 59% of those families lived in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, and 41% in Wellington

• 118 client cases were closed, with 78 families successfully completing all the objectives in their personal plans 

• 66 referrals were made to other Mission services for holistic support, and 61 referrals were made to external services for specialist, or local support

• Staff made 1,412 face-to-face visits and contacts with families, and 1,272 contacts via phone or email

This service is free to people living in the Greater Wellington region.

For more information please contact:

Olivia Lange
Community Programmes Manager

Phone: 04 245 0829

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