The Winter Appeal

Winter comes every year without a choice. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, we all have to get used to the days getting colder and darker. During the winter months many of us choose to indulge in a few luxuries to make the season more bearable, like spending more on power to fire up the heater each night, treating yourself to a cosy new coat, or even perhaps escaping winter altogether with an overseas holiday.

However for many families and individuals, it’s not so easy to escape the realities of winter. For those who are struggling, the colder months are filled with incredibly hard choices – like heating their home, or getting their children rain jackets for school; taking their sick child to the doctor, or buying hearty, nourishing food.

At the Wellington City Mission we work to take away those hard choices, but we need your help. With your support of our Winter Appeal, we will continue to help struggling families and individuals across Greater Wellington and ensure we can all be healthy and warm this winter.

Check out all the different ways you can be involved:

The Wellington Food Show: 26 - 28 May 

The Greater Wellington Pick Me Up: 29 May - 4 June 

Purchase Mission Supporter Cups

Brown Paper Bag Collection: special brown paper bag and insert in the Dominion Post on Thursday 8 June. Drop off your donated goods before Friday 30 June

Hurricanes Game Collection: Friday 9 June

Winter Appeal Challenge: until the end of July

Or click here to donate towards the appeal online. Thank you for your support!