The Mission's Foodbank is an emergency service that operates throughout the year to assist people who are struggling to feed themselves and their families.  It is a last resort rather than a first option for those seeking help.

When the need is appropriately assessed, food parcels are given as supplementary food assistance. The Foodbank is also available to clients of other Mission programmes.

Food parcels are given out in different sizes, depending on the family group, i.e. single adult, small family, medium family, etc.

Every applicant is assessed before a parcel is granted.  If someone comes back for a third application in a 3-6 month period, then a further interview is conducted to assess the problems that are leading to the need for a food parcel, and the applicant is invited to join one of The Mission's programmes. If none of The Mission's programmes are appropriate, then the client is invited to join a programme offered by another social service provider.

Each food parcel is designed to supply basic staples lasting seven days. The Mission is entirely reliant on donated food to keep the Foodbank going and on average up to $250,000 worth of food is received each year.  Often this is shared with our other programmes such as Kemp Home & Hospital.

The Mission is an active member of the Wellington Region Foodbank Coalition and attends regular meetings to share information, resources and to minimise duplication.

During the year, major appeals such as the Winter Appeal and Christmas Star Appeal are held to replenish our supplies and that of other foodbanks.  However, it is regular donations from individuals, churches and corporates that supply the bulk of our food and for these donations, we are genuinely grateful.

To see a list of our most needed items, please head to our Donate Food or Goods page. For more information, or to talk about making a food donation, please contact:

Sarah Meynell
Foodbank & Volunteer Support
Phone: 04 245 0825