Multi Disciplinary Health Care

Nursing Care

The facility is staffed by a team of registered nurses and caregivers.  The Nurse Manager and a senior registered nurse is responsible for the day to day running and quality of care at Kemp.  Registered nurses are responsible for the planning and delivery of care and act as key workers for each resident to ensure the continuity of care, and that care is planned according to the resident's wishes and care needs.

All staff receive ongoing training to equip them for their role and registered nurses have, or are receiving, specialist education in the care of elderly people.

Medical Care

Medical care is provided by a small team of general practitioners who are contracted to Kemp Home & Hospital.   For those residents who are already under the care of one of those doctors, this arrangement may continue.  If a resident would like a different GP, please talk this through with the Nurse Manager.  Our contracted GP is Titahi Bay Surgery who visits three times a week.  Each resident is provided with a medical review at least every three months or more often, depending on their needs. 


Kemp Home & Hospital contracts a Physiotherapist to ensure that the resident’s abilities are fully supported. Physiotherapy services are available with referral.

Recreational Staff

Recreation staff, who work at the direction of the Diversional Therapist, provide an extensive programme of activities available to all residents.  All residents are encouraged and supported to participate in group activities, however, our staff will also support residents who wish to pursue their own personal interests and individual activities are planned and carried out by the Recreational Officers and volunteers who have been trained to meet a particular need or request.

Family Support

Family/whanau members are invited to contribute to a resident's care in whatever way is appropriate for them.  Families will be asked to nominate a person who has primary responsibility for supporting a resident in our facility. The designation of a person who holds an Enduring Power of Attorney is important.  At the time of admission, the wishes of family and friends to be involved in day-to-day support, care and decision making will be discussed with the resident and the registered nurse.  Whenever multi-disciplinary meetings about care or lifestyle support are being held family members will be informed and invited to attend.


The Titahi Bay Pharmacy staff provide and maintain a medication system through which each resident's medication is provided and monitored continually.  The staff at the Pharmacy contribute to the support of the staff in education and ensuring up to date knowledge and management of medication.

Hearing Support

Kemp Home & Hospital engages with the Hearing Association and is visited by a field worker to ensure that all possible support is available to hearing impaired residents.  While the service is free to residents, residents pay for new equipment such as hearing aides.


Podiatry services are available to residents from our visiting podiatrist and a charge will apply.

Laboratory Service

Laboratory services are provided twice a day (Monday to Friday), or as necessary in an emergency through MedLab (Porirua). There is no charge to residents.


Special equipment such as bed hoists, chairs, wheelchairs, walking frames and feeding equipment etc. may be provided on the basis of an initial assessment.  These can sometimes be provided through public or Kemp Home & Hospital services, but when there is a need for which funding cannot be found, this, and the options available, will be discussed with the resident and/or their family/whanau.


We have a visiting hairdresser who visits Kemp two to three times a week, depending on demand.  A charge will apply for this service.  A booking may be made at reception.


Kemp Home & Hospital has a full emergency and disaster plan and all equipment and procedures necessary to ensure the safety of our residents, visitors, staff and the complex.  All areas have smoke detectors, heat detectors and sprinklers, and the facility is divided into fireproof cells which contain smoke or flames.  Within the complex, equipment such as suction, oxygen, medication pumps and resuscitation equipment are available and maintained to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. Staff are trained in first aid and resuscitation techniques.