Mission for Independence

Guiding, supporting, mentoring and connecting with vulnerable members of the community, enabling them to achieve an improved quality of life.

How The Mission helps people
People in distress due to unemployment, debt, homelessness and social isolation often access our Mission for Independence (MFI) programme. Many are minimum-wage workers, single-income earners or beneficiaries who find themselves unable to meet their basic needs of food, health or accommodation.

Our Drop-in Centre (DIC), Foodbank, Community Services Advocate (CSA) and Financial Mentoring services are all elements of the programme. The DIC is a place that provides hot meals and shelter and fosters social connection for a variety of people. The Foodbank offers immediate assistance, but also helps relieve a major stress as service users focus on achieving positive long-term outcomes. The CSA acts as a navigator and facilitates access to much needed resources and support, and Financial Mentoring (which offers budgeting advice and Total Money Management) provides people with support and education to achieve their goals.

What happens at Mission for Independence
When someone first asks The Mission for help, one of MFI’s services is often their first connection point. Crucially, this service can form the gateway for people to access other Mission programmes and services – to identify their underlying issues, and discuss options and possibilities to address them – and get on track to a positive future. MFI also offers holistic support to the wide range of clients across all The Mission’s programmes, for example Mission for Families

Looking forward
We recognise and value meaningful activities that give people a sense of belonging and achievement – such as employment, formal qualifications, volunteer work and other community participation. Through education and engagement, people are empowered to make the choices and changes that will help them live with dignity – not in isolation, but with connection and meaning.

During 2017-18
• 3,234 food parcels were distributed to families and individuals

• The Community Services Advocate helped resolve 557 different issues for a total of 126 clients

• 23,186 meal servings (breakfasts, soups, mains, and desserts) were provided in the Drop-in Centre, to an average of 64 guests per day

• 182 people received financial mentoring; of these clients around 20% went on Total Money Management and reduced their combined debt by $121,891

This service is free to people living in the Greater Wellington region. For more information please contact:

Olivia Lange
Community Programmes Manager
Phone: 04 245 0829