Need emergency assistance?

If you need emergency assistance, you may qualify for help through the Mayoral Relief Fund.

This fund is allocated by the Wellington City Council to The Mission in order to assist people in Wellington City who are in need of emergency assistance.

Examples of emergencies the fund may cover include:
- power or gas disconnected, with young children living at the property.
- tenancy eviction - emergency accommodation required.
- family or personal crisis.
- unable to buy food as a result of an emergency.
- homelessness as a result of an emergency.

- Applicants must be residents of the Wellington City rate paying area.
- All applicants will be assessed individually.
- Applicants must complete an application form and provide proof of need, such as an eviction letter, a letter confirming that power has been disconnected, letters of refusal for advances from Work and Income, or proof of unexpected expenditures.

If you feel you qualify for Mayoral Relief Fund emergency support, please complete the Mayoral Relief Fund Application Form available from the Resources bar to the right. Once completed, please deliver to The Mission at 19 Gordon Place, Newtown, with proof of your emergency (as listed on the form).

For any further information about the Mayoral Relief Fund, please feel free to contact:

Olivia Lange
Community Programmes Manager
Phone: 04 245 0829